Al Urbanowski - Founder and Owner

Al Urbanowski began his barbering career in LaSalle, Illinois in 1986, where he mastered  his craft in old-school barbering techniques. In 1995, Al joined the American Crew All-Star Team - the elite education program responsible for changing the way people think of men's grooming and revolutionizing the barber shop industry. As an All-Star member,  Al traveled the globe sharing his knowledge, skill and techniques with other stylists. Today, Al is one of the most popular and highly regarded senior members of the American Crew All-Star Team known equally for his exceptional technique, warm personality and infectious sense of humor.

Al opened the first Al’s Barber Shop in Boulder in 1995 with the single aim of providing men a comfortable place to get a good haircut and shave. His reputation for quality haircuts and great service quickly spread, leading to a second location in Denver in 2007. Al’s Barber Shop continues to be dedicated to serving the gentleman client and providing a relaxing and welcoming environment where men can feel comfortable while meeting their grooming needs.

An avid bicyclist, hot yoga practitioner and devoted family man, Al lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, Karen, and their three children (Cole, Julia and Paul).

Al works in both the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men's haircuts and shaves.

Meet Al in this American Crew profile. 

Kiyomi Lowe– Senior Stylist and Barber – Boulder & Denver

A Denver native, Kiyomi is a graduate of Emily Griffith Technical School’s Barbering Program and is passionate about men’s grooming – including straight razor shaves. She loves continuing her education under Al’s tutelage and is devoted to making people feel and look great. 

Kiyomi works in the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men’s haircuts and shaves.

Megan Givvin – Senior Stylist – Boulder & Denver

A Colorado native (Longmont), Megan was drawn to the hair industry by chance – finding a cosmetology school pamphlet on the floor of her French class. While studying at Long Peaks Academy, one of Megan’s mentors encouraged her to pursue a career at Al’s Barber Shop telling her “If you can work for Al, don’t leave.” In 2001, Megan joined Al’s team as receptionist and apprentice and has grown to Senior Stylist. She loves the ability to improve someone’s day with a great haircut and believes that the shorter lengths of men’s hair allows the details to shine – a perfectly tapered neckline or how the right texture leads to an easy style and graceful grow-out.

Megan works in the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men’s haircuts.

Josie Harrington – Senior Stylist and Barber – Boulder & Denver

A Colorado native, Josie discovered her love for hair at an early age by giving haircuts to her father and siblings. She’s known for breaking boundaries and experimenting with color –even sporting vibrant pink hair for a time as a child. Josie has worked in both salon and barbershop environments as a receptionist, salon manager, and stylist/barber giving her great experience and a broad perspective on men’s grooming. Josie graduated from Englewood Beauty College and pursued continuing studies with Schwarzkopf, Redken, Paul Mitchell and American Crew. She loves helping men and women look their best and brings a fresh new style and flair to every client. Josie is a fully licensed barber and gives an exceptional straight razor shave!

Josie works in the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men’s haircuts and shaves and women's haircuts, color and blow-out services.


Josh Weis - Senior Stylist – Boulder

A graduate of The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, Josh began his career after getting his haircut by an American Crew All-Star and colleague of Al's. Josh was inspired by men's cutting but thought he would enjoy working in all aspects of hair. He quickly realized that his love for cutting was specifically men's grooming. Josh recently relocated to Colorado and was introduced to Al's through his American Crew colleague. He is an avid cyclist and movie buff.

Josh can be found cutting men's hair in Boulder Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 


Elisabeth Strouse - Senior Stylist and Barber - Denver

Elisabeth graduated from the Aveda Institute in Denver and has over 9 years of experience in the industry. Elisabeth was motivated immediately out of high school to pursue a career in the industry. Her passion inspired her to also pursue her additional license in barbering. Elisabeth enjoys the technicality and precision of cutting men's hair but more importantly she enjoys the conversations and laughing with her clients

Elisabeth works in the Denver location and offers men's haircuts, shaves and waxing.


Alicia Ortega - Junior Stylist - Boulder

Alicia graduated from the Institute of Business and Medical Careers College with her Cosmetology Diploma in 2017. Alicia began her career at Great Clips and immediately enjoyed the men’s grooming business. Alicia wanted to continue her growth in the business and knew that Al’s was the place to do so with our on-going education classes. Alicia continues to attend classes with one of our many on-site educators and continues to perfect her craft.

Alicia works in the Boulder location and offers men's haircuts.


Alisha Stephenson - Junior Stylist - Boulder

Alisha recently graduated from the Institute of Business and Medical Careers College with her Cosmetology Diploma. Alisha began her cutting career at Al’s as our first apprentice. She graduated from our program and has been enjoying her time meeting and helping clients with their grooming needs ever since. Alisha continues to attend classes weekly with one of our many on-site educators and enjoys the opportunity to continue to learn the many facets of men’s grooming.

Alisha works in the Boulder location and offers men's haircuts.


Dakota Clark - Stylist - Denver & Boulder

Dakota grew up in a small town in Missouri and graduated with his masters Cosmetology degree in 2016. After moving here in 2016, Dakota worked in a few locations before landing at Al’s. Dakota is dedicated to our industry because of his ability to educate clients on their hair and to ensure the final result meets their expectation for quality, confidence and accuracy. Dakota enjoys the Al’s atmosphere because he can continue to learn and mold his craft while looking forward to his future in the industry.

Dakota works in both the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men's and women’s haircuts.


David Yorty- Stylist and Barber - Boulder & Denver

David chose a career in barbering because of the traditions and long rich history. Having graduated from the New Dimensions Beauty Academy and cutting for a few years, David became interested in Al’s because of the ability to pursue both artistic as well as traditional mens grooming methods, combining both interests.

David works in the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men’s haircuts and shaves.


Orion Mitchell- Stylist and Barber - Boulder & Denver

Orion recently moved to Denver from Portland Oregon and has been cutting hair since 2012. Orion grew up going to barbershops with family and really started to become interested in a career after feeling disenchanted with working as a chef for 15 years. The culture of barbering and the complexities of the cuts along with getting to know clients allowed Orion to really begin to enjoy the profession.

Orion works in the Boulder and Denver locations and offers men’s haircuts and shaves.